Naomi DanielInformation Architect

Think of Naomi as a human bridge: she relishes digging into users’ information needs; identifying the intersection with technical considerations and business requirements; and communicating clearly across diverse groups to develop a shared understanding of complex topics.

Her aim is to distill the complex to its essence: illuminating key fulcrum points to leverage to design high-utility solutions that make people’s lives easier—so they can get on with what’s important.

Since 1996, Naomi has worked in the information field in Ann Arbor and the San Francisco Bay Area as a researcher, reference librarian, taxonomist, user experience designer and information architect, in practice areas as diverse as technology, economics and finance, in environments large and small, from startups to consultancies and Fortune 500 companies. Before joining TUG in September 2014, Naomi spent seven years as an Information Architect and User Experience Designer for Hewlett-Packard’s employee intranet.

Naomi brings focus and energy to projects, relying on her experience, soft skills, and analytic strengths to do meaningful work with a service-oriented approach. She holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Michigan’s School of Information.