When organizations engage with TUG to design information structures, or to provide structural design optimizations, we insist upon conducting (or at a minimum, consuming) research with end-users.

And increasingly, it is not uncommon for client organizations to hire TUG for the sole purpose of conducting and making sense of user research.

Some examples of research into end-user behaviors and needs that TUG provides include:

  • Ethnographic study, in the homes and workplaces where the test subjects “do life”

  • Lab-based study, with test subjects who’ve agreed to interact with a prototype or mockup

  • Usability testing, in lab-based and over-the-computer modalities

  • Surveys and questionnaires: design, distribution, and reporting

In addition to research design and interpretation, TUG can provide recruiting services, in order to identify qualified individuals for participation in research studies on the basis of particular demographic or psychographic criteria.

Set up a free consultation with TUG today to learn more about user research. Alternately, we’d love to teach you these methods, and equip your team to design user research themselves. The half-day Designing User Research workshop we offer in sessions out of our offices in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids can easily travel to your team’s location.